Selling land, trading a DeLorean, and looking for love; the man behind the sign at Pharr Road and Slaton Drive

For Sale signs are not unusual in Buckhead neighborhoods, but there is a sign at the corner of Pharr Road and Slaton Drive that is beyond the average real estate advertisement. The approximately 4’x3′ yard sign has been intriguing drivers for a few years now; offering land for sale, a classic 80’s car, and… love?

The top of the sign is simple enough- a portion of a lot for sale with enough room to build a new home. The same sign features a photo of a DeLorean for sale, complete with a photo of Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the 80’s classic film “Back to the Future,” which featured the stainless steel sports car.

Beneath the ad for property and a sports car is a personal ad of the kind usually found on a dating app. A short-and-sweet paragraph states that the home’s resident, Phillip Moore, is looking to meet a “SPECIAL LADY.” There are a couple of photos of Mr. Moore and his dogs, and his land line phone number so interested parties can call him directly.

This analog dating ad piqued our interest, and we wanted to find out a little bit about the man behind the sign. When I called Mr. Moore, I met a fellow with quite an interesting story. The DeLorean and the unique sign were just the beginning…

Mr. Moore is a researcher and author of four books. His latest work, “The End Of Earth”, is headed to press soon and will weigh in at a hefty 1500 pages. “Over 800 citations” notes the author. 

Moore is conscious of some modern conveniences that may not be good for his health. He likes to eat organic food in order to stay away from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. His yard sign notes that his phone number is a land line. “I like the landline because it doesn’t drop calls and has a much clearer signal. And you don’t have to worry about the health hazards (from the radiation).”

Family history

Moore’s grandfather, George Moore, founded Moore’s Ice Cream, an Atlanta staple that closed in 1967 after nearly 70 years in business. Moore said his grandfather’s ice cream was the most well known brand in the state in its time.

for sale

Moore’s father built the house at the corner of Pharr and Slaton in 1965, and Phillip has lived there ever since. The piece of land Moore would like to sell is a wooded tract along Pharr Road that borders a condominium complex. It is a long thin parcel that Moore says would be about “10%” of his 1.25 acre lot. The sloped lot would likely require considerable grading to accommodate a home site.

The DeLorean is generally in remarkably good condition. Unfortunately a limb fell onto the car recently and shattered the windshield. The car has always been covered, and the stainless steel body looks to be in good shape. The interior is in surprisingly good condition. The black leather seats and dash panels look almost new except for the glass chips from the broken windshield. Moore says he likes the car, but he would prefer one with an automatic transmission, for which he is willing to trade.

Looking for love

Moore has specific reasons for looking for love locally instead of trying his hand at meeting someone online. He said, “I put it here in my yard without posting anywhere because I was hoping to find some of the neighbors that are part of my peer group.” The life-long Buckhead resident is hoping he can find a special lady with a similar background. “I could find somebody in my neighborhood that knows what they want.” He continues, “They’re looking for somebody established, that maybe believes in the same subject they do.” Spirituality is very important to Moore, and he is looking for a partner with similar interests.

Kids are part of Moore’s long term plan, and that has an influence on his search for a partner. “I wanted to maybe try to have [a family], I don’t want to be the end of the line. So I’m looking for a middle-aged girl that could still have kids.”

Many people are looking for love online these days because it’s such a challenge to meet people in our day-to-day lives. Phillip Moore is taking a different approach to finding love that is both old-school and outside the box. We wish him the best of luck with the land, the DeLorean, and the ladies.

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