Buckhead Property Taxes – What You Need To Know

As the average home price in Buckhead is close to $1 million, property taxes are top-of-mind for many home buyers and homeowners in Buckhead. Below, I have compiled the property tax rates for Buckhead and also included a comparison to Vinings property taxes and Sandy Springs property taxes. Everything is updated for 2016:

AreaCounty Taxes (Per $1000 in home value)City Taxes (Per $1000 in home value)Total Tax (As % of Value)Annual Tax On $1 Million Home (With No Exemptions)
Sandy SpringsFulton$12.26Sandy Springs$1.891.42%$14,152

Buckhead Property Taxes Based On Purchase Price

When shopping for a home in Buckhead (or anywhere in Georgia), the most important thing to know is that the year following your purchase, you will be taxed at the rates above based on what you paid for the home. Many buyers look only at what the sellers current taxes are….that is not always a proper reflection of what you can expect your taxes to be.

Property Tax Exemptions

The tax rates shown above are pretty much worst-case scenario. Many tax payers qualify for a variety of exemptions that reduce their property taxes every year such as:

  • Homestead Exemption
  • Senior Exemption

Disclaimer: This information is only an estimate and you should check with your local tax commissioner for your exact tax rates. Taxes are also subject to change.