Atlanta Classical Academy

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Atlanta Classical Academy was opened in 2014 as a tuition-free, open-enrollment public charter school. The academy’s mission is to provide students with an education that maintains the importance of progressive thought. Furthermore, by reinforcing the principles of classical education, otherwise known as liberal arts education, Atlanta Classical Academy reinforces a sense of purpose amongst students within a historical context.

Classical education prepares young men and women to live in freedom and independence, as virtuous young adults who live not with historical or cultural amnesia, but rather with a sense of who they are in the context of human history. Classically trained students will be well qualified for future studies in law, medicine, business, engineering, technology, theology or any other professional or vocational pursuit. A young graduate who is able to use her knowledge of the past to make good decisions in the present, and to plan wisely for the future will be in high demand and prepared to flourish.

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Classical education prepares young men and women to live in freedom and independence, and not in a servile existence. The primary art for which they prepare is the art of living well. With a student-teacher ratio of 20:1, Atlanta Classical Academy teaching is text-centered marked by Socratic and responsive discussion.




The Atlanta Classical Academy is located at 3260 Northside Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30305. Nearby neighborhoods include West Paces Ferry/Northside Neighborhood, and Margaret Mitchell.

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Atlanta Classical plans to encourage (but not require) parents and community volunteers to play an integral role helping the School achieve its mission.

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