Pepper Boxing Brings New Art and a Unique Fitness Concept to Buckhead

photo by Rob Knight

Pepper Boxing will add variety to the Buckhead fitness scene with their new gym in Buckhead Village.

Alexander “Pepper” Kaufman started his boxing gym concept in Nashville in 2017. Nashville tends to be a transient city, and as gym members moved on to other cities, word began to spread about this unique gym. The Atlanta Braves organization heard about Pepper Boxing, and invited Kaufman to open a second location in the Battery outside of Truist Park.

The Nashville location was a casualty of the pandemic last year, but Pepper is excited about the new location in the heart of Buckhead. He said that Buckhead has the right combination of demographic and location to make it the perfect spot for his unique boxing gym concept.

Pepper Boxing is different than other boxing gyms because there is no contact or sparring. Members take classes in the unique circular room with their own heavy bag. Everyone can see the instructor, and there are members from all of all skill levels in the same class. This makes the boxing concept much more approachable for people who might otherwise be intimidated to try it.

The club also offers weight training and private lessons in addition to the group classes. It’s easy to see upon visiting the gym that Pepper has done a great job of creating a welcoming community among his clientele. You’ll find people of all shapes, sizes, and ages among the participants.

New Art in the Neighborhood

Another aspect that makes Pepper Boxing Buckhead unique is the new mural along the outside wall of the gym. The mural covers the entire width of the building and brings a pop of color to the otherwise drab side street next to Whole Foods. Pepper said he specifically commission to the work to reflect the diversity in the community and among their clients. The clients turned out in force to officially unveil the mural. There were boxing and yoga classes outside in front of the new artwork.

The fact that people of all walks of life come together to enjoy this great community is a big reason he chose Buckhead for the new location. He’s looking forward to welcoming clients from all areas of Buckhead. As Pepper says, “the future is inclusive“.

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