Tanyard Creek Park

At A Glance

Tanyard Creek Park is a 14.5 acre forested park that stretches from Collier Road south to Ardmore Park. There is a small parking lot on Collier Road that features a large historical marker with details about the Battle of Peachtree Creek. This important Civil War battle was fought all around this area, and there are numerous historical markers to be found.

Most visitors to Tanyard Creek Park don’t need the parking lot because they arrive on foot or bicycle via the Northwest Beltline Trail. Approximately one mile of the Beltline trail goes through the middle of Tanyard Creek Park. If you follow the trail north it will take you under Collier Road to the Bitsy Grant Tennis Center, the Bobby Jones Golf Course, and Atlanta Memorial Park. To the south, the trail winds through Ardmore Park on your way to the Atlanta Beltline rail corridor.

The park houses a nice playground, and lots of woods for the kids to explore. There are large open fields on the west side of Tanyard Creek where you will often find happy dogs and their owners when the weather is nice. A large wooden train trestle makes a striking focal point over the creek at the south end of the park.



Northwest Beltline Trail, Tanyard Creek, Wooden Train Trestle, playscape, Civil War historic markers, historic mill site (across Collier Road)

Nearby Neighborhoods


Tanyard Creek Park is located on Collier Road at Walthall Drive in Collier Hills neighborhood.

Around the Park