At A Glance

The Mt. Paran - Northside neighborhood is one of the priciest in Buckhead's 30327 zip code. Its prestigious reputation makes this a popular neighborhood for Atlanta's successful professionals. Acres of wooded lots with heavily manicured landscaping and colorful gardens envelope the fine homes. Many homes are within walking distance to Buckhead’s Chattahoochee River National Park. The Mt. Paran - Northside Citizen's Association publishes alerts and social events and also employs an off-duty Atlanta Police Officer to patrol the area. Many of Atlanta's movers and shakers prefer this area, where they can have the prestigious location, reside in an estate home with both acreage and an abundance of living space, and also enjoy privacy away from the bustle of the center of Buckhead. [button color="accent-color" hover_text_color_override="#fff" size="small" url="" text="See Mt. Paran - Northside Homes for Sale" color_override=""]

What We Love

Mt. Paran - Northside some of Atlanta's most beautiful homes and palatial estates along Mt. Paran Road and Northside Drive, which bisect the neighborhood.

What We Don't

If you are looking for a highly social neighborhood, this may not be the best fit for you.

Real Estate

Homes for sale in Mt. Paran - Northside tend to be quite large. Prices start at close to $1 million and go up to $10 million.


Mt. Paran - Northside is located inside the perimeter. This lovely neighborhood is east of I 75 and adjacent to the Chastain Park neighborhood. It borders Sandy Springs to the North.

Zip Code: 30327  Schools: Jackson Elementary, Sutton Middle School, North Atlanta High School [neighborhoods_map map_id="25"]

Around The Block

Mt Paran - Northside is an exclusively residential neighborhood with the pleasant exception of the Old Country Store as the only commercial establishment. I-75 is conveniently accessible at the intersection of Mt Paran Road and Northside Parkway.

It's not unusual to see film crews setting up at one of the grand homes like this jaw-dropping estate on West Conway at Glen Devon.



Peaceful surroundings and manicured streets frame the Mt. Paran - Northside neighborhood estates.

[one_half]Mount-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia-Neighborhood[/one_half] [one_half_last]Mt-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia-Neighborhood[/one_half_last] Mt-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia-Neighborhood [one_half]Mt-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia-Neighborhood[/one_half] [one_half_last]Mount-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia-NeighborhoodDSC0064[/one_half_last] [one_half]Mount-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia-Neighborhood Local landmark The Country Store (the only commercial property in the entire neighborhood) is a hot spot for crews stopping by for a yummy breakfast biscuit in the morning or a hearty burger for lunch. Locals appreciate the one and only gas station at the corner of Northside Drive and Mt. Paran Road! [/one_half] [one_half_last]Mount-Paran-Northside-Buckhead-NeighborhoodAutumn welcomes a plethora of Halloween decorations to the Country Store's side yard![/one_half_last]



Buckhead families engage in healthy competition at Tophat Soccer Club, a Buckhead tradition. [one_half]Mt.Paran-Northside-Tophat-Soccer-ClubNeighborhood-Buckhead-Atlanta-Georgia[/one_half]


Lush landscaping and long driveways are a few of the many luxuries of Mount Paran - Northside living.