Chattahoochee River National Park


At A Glance

Buckhead’s Chattahoochee National Park is a sanctuary in the city. Located so close to the heart of Buckhead, this beautiful recreation area is an idyllic spot to hike the many elevations overlooking Atlanta’s serene landscapes. One of the allures of Buckhead living is the juxtaposition of big-city conveniences with the simple pleasures of small rural communities.

Untouched natural beauty, like that found in Chattahoochee National Park, is priceless, and Buckhead’s section of the park is this thriving community’s best wilderness hike.

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Over 400


10+ miles of both leisurely and challenging hiking, water sports (white water rafting, kayaking, fishing, and more)

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Sandy Springs, Whitewater Creek, Paces, Vinings


The power of the river, the wildness of nature, and stunning natural vistas are all on dramatic display here. An idyllic section of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area falls within Buckhead’s border.

Around The Park

Chattahoochee River National Park is a Buckhead escape. Whether you live by the water, in the forests, or frequently hike the trails, this natural wonder will take your breath away.



Buckhead Locals Say…

“It’s really a treasure… There aren’t any buildings here, nothing commercial or industrial… Just peaceful trails for acres and acres, and every season is beautiful.”

“It has it’s own unique niches, showing the human infrastructure incorporated with preserving our natural systems.”

“We are outdoor enthusiasts so we love getting out and appreciating the wilderness.”

“I come here every week after work, if it’s a nice day I walk for about an hour. There’s always something new no matter which trail you take.”


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