Mercedes Benz Moving Headquarters Near Buckhead

Mercedes Benz is moving to the Buckhead area!
Mercedes Benz is moving to the Buckhead area!

A few weeks ago I started hearing rumblings about Mercedes Benz Moving Headquarters Near Buckhead from New Jersey. This seemed almost too good to be true…but it has now been confirmed!

Mercedes plans to spend $93 million to build it’s 2,ooo square-foot headquarters that will house 1000 employees at an undisclosed Sandy Springs location just North of the Buckhead border.This move will create about 1,000 jobs—according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The Atlanta area is a top sales area for Mercedes. We also have some of the best international access through the port of Savannah and the World’s largest airport.

As the metro Atlanta area has been on a growth sprint, landing Mercedes is the largest economic development coup since United Parcel Service (UPS) relocated to the area in 1991. The Southeast has become an emerging threat to the Midwest’s domination as an auto industry hub. Nissan, Toyota, Kia and Volkswagen put plants in low cost, union-free Southern states and now, the corporate offices are following.

Porsche is ahead of the game, finishing construction on a massive new headquarters and test track in Atlanta near the airport. Demand for spots at the (already booming) Atlanta International School will certainly be on the rise!

With Buckhead’s already booming economy, I am excited about what 1000 new executives will mean for our neighborhoods and our economy!

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