A Map Of All Buckhead Neighborhoods

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Finally – a map of all Buckhead neighborhoods! Location is everything and location in Buckhead is primarily classified by the neighborhoods. A 1-acre building lot can range from $400,000 in one Buckhead neighborhood to $2 million in another neighborhood just blocks away.

Having sold real estate in Buckhead for 11 years, I would estimate that one in five Buckhead residents don’t know which neighborhood they live in. To help clarify these geographical uncertainties, we worked with a cartographer to develop the official Buckhead map of neighborhoods below.

Buckhead Neighborhoods Map

Using official City of Atlanta data and a little inside knowledge, now all 45 Buckhead neighborhoods can be viewed in context. I chose to include Vinings and the portion of Sandy Springs that is inside I-285 (or, ITP) because these areas offer a similar lifestyle….and that is really what Buckhead boils down to: a community of unique individuals in pursuit of our ideal lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the map below and check out our Buckhead Neighborhoods page to dig in and learn from the detailed profiles that we have been building.