Real Estate Developer EDENS has quietly expanded their already significant land holdings in the Buckhead Village with a recent purchase.

3200 Cains Hill Place has been owned for 22 years by Michael Evans. Michael used the small office building on a 53-foot wide sliver of land as the headquarters for his floral shop Michal Evans Floral Design. The building that he purchased in 1998 for $200,000 happens to sit directly next to the Andrews Square shopping center that EDENS purchased a few years ago. This prime location has paid off handsomely, with EDENS acquiring the property for $2.5 million in early January 2020. This price is equal to $12,500,000 per acre for this small parcel.

Meanwhile, the next domino may be about to fall. The former headquarters of architect Bill Harrison of Harrison Design has been located in a modest 3-story office building next door for decades. Harrison Design has recently relocated to 3565 Piedmont Road leaving the property vacant, and it appears to be to be the next likely target for EDENS continued expansion of their land holdings in the Buckhead Village.

Everything has changed. Why not make the most of it? The Virus-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named has altered daily life drastically. This past Friday (or just “the day” as we now call it) was the beginning of our Governor’s order to stay home for two weeks. It has since been expanded another two weeks, until April 30. The order generously exempts the following “essential” activities:

I was well supplied, so I chose exercise from my menu of options. It was 72 degrees and sunny, the dogwood and cherry trees AND the azaleas were in full bloom at the same time, so I decided to take a walk across Buckhead to see what everyone was up to. I ended up walking over 8 miles and got some great images along the way:

This walk made me realize that despite years of commiserating on the “lack of walkability” that Buckhead offers, the biggest thing lacking was my own effort. For those willing to lace up and set out on foot, Buckhead can easily be enjoyed from a different perspective than through a windshield. It left me wanting more. Maybe I will walk all of Buckhead’s 44 neighborhoods before this virus releases us back into our normal rhythm.