Three Words

One of our Buckhead neighbors posted this heartfelt message on where hundreds have chimed in with positive messages of friendship. In these crazy times, it helps to make it personal and hear directly from a neighbor:

I’ve been living in this neighborhood for about 10 years. Mostly on W. Wesley and now PTB. And yesterday is when I felt the most at home. As a black family we’ve mostly felt like outsiders. I’ve been mistaken for a plumber, painter, and everything else other than a home owner. I’ve also feared for my life when the police responded to a false alarm, silently praying “not in front of my kids” as they approached the house. But yesterday we came home to a message written on our driveway that says “WE LOVE YOU” and words can’t express the joy that makes me feel. My wife and I work hard to live in and maintain our home just like everyone else and our children have never lived anywhere else. So we know that we belong in our home. Things have been very tense lately and those 3 words provided the cure for the pain, and that is hope. We have far to go to reach a position of liberty and justice for all. But with hope, we’ll get there. Just keep communicating those 3 words- WE LOVE YOU!(verbally and nonverbally). Lastly my response to the author of the message seen in the picture and to the community at large is: WE LOVE YOU TOO!

James McDaniel (reposted with permission)
The anonymous neighbors message

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