The Painted Pickle ‘compeatery’ brings a unique dining and recreation option to Armour Yards 

The pickleball courts at The Painted Pickle, with the large roll-up doors opened. Photos by Rob Knight

The team behind The Painted Pin in Buckhead, and the Painted Duck on the Westside, has launched a new sports and dining venue at Armour Yards between Buckhead and Midtown. Owners Justin Amick and William Stallworth’s new Painted Pickle could be referred to as an “eatertainment” venue, but Amick said, “We wanted something to really capture our methodology and ethos.” Thus, the “compeatery” was born. 

If you expect the Painted Pickle to be just another pickleball venue, you will be pleasantly surprised. Of course, the 32,500-square-foot space includes eight pickleball courts, but it is the park-like bar, dining, and gaming area that really got our attention. 

Dining and gaming

You will find turf paths that wind among large round booths, cafe tables, loungers, and even an oak tree in the middle of the space. Games are everywhere! As Amick put it, “It’s kind of just an undulating pattern of different nooks and crannies of different games.” Ping pong tables, putting greens, darts, hook-and-ring games, bucket ball, and more. All free for guests to eat, drink, and compete. These elements combine to create a cool indoors-but-outside vibe that is very inviting.

Amick explains the dining options at the Painted Pickle, saying, “We’re doing grain bowls, salad, shareable, small plates, brunch, but we’re calling it food for the socially active lifestyle. So we’ve got the refined, elevated bar fare for those that are mingling, drinking, playing, watching games, listen to music, but those that may be playing pickleball that want something a little bit more health conscious, we’ve got a robust section for that lifestyle as well.”

There is a sushi counter and a window into the Painted Pickle’s charcuterie locker, but the bar is certainly the most inviting service option. The long central bar is capped on each end by two round “nodes.” Each round section is topped by a round roof feature that houses TVs which can’t be seen unless you’re seated at the bar. This design element gives the round bar sections an interesting room-within-a-room feel, even though you are in the middle of a huge space.

The first of three outdoor spaces you find is the large covered patio across the front of the building, great for eating, drinking, and watching the big game. Another outdoor patio provides seating adjacent to the pickleball clubhouse, but we’ll get to that in a moment. There is a back patio that will become an intriguing option when the BeltLine Trail’s Armour/Ottley loop is completed. Guests will be able to play games and relax at the Painted Pickle, then hop on the BeltLine and walk to Lindbergh, Bobby Jones Golf, and more! 

Don’t forget the pickleball

The entire venue is impressive, but the pickleball courts were anything but an afterthought. Amick says pickleball’s accessibility is a big reason it is America’s fastest growing sport. “The barrier of entry is very low. You don’t be good to enjoy it, but you can be very competitive and get very skilled at it as well.” He continues, “What other sport can you do for recreation that you can enjoy with three generations? I’ll play with my 75-year-old father and my 7-year-old, and yet everyone’s having an equally good time.”

Like the rest of the Painted Pickle, the team had a specific vibe in mind when they designed the pickleball courts. “I wanted this to be like our our All England Club, our Wimbledon, our US Open,” Amick says. 

Eight courts are lined with faux hedge walls and situated around a central clubhouse. Great care was taken to provide an elevated pickleball experience, including hedge walls instead of chain-link fence, professional pickleball lighting, and extensive soundproofing throughout the cavernous space. Don’t forget about black-light “cosmic pickleball” on the weekends!  

The cottage clubhouse features white clapboard siding, black shutters, and hardwood floors. You might expect to see this building at a traditional Southern golf or tennis club. Along with the courts’ front desk, the facilities include restrooms, lockers, and yet another bar. Amick told us, “We really wanted to separate ourselves with the details from the design esthetic.” Even the wall behind the clubhouse bar features custom pickleball artwork.

Two huge roll-up doors can open when the weather is good to provide an outdoor pickleball experience and let in fresh air and natural light. Players and spectators can flow easily from the courts to clubhouse bar and the outdoor patio.

There are plenty of places to eat in Atlanta, and plenty of places to play sports, but there are not many places that offer both at such a high level. The Painted Pickle builds on Amick’s and Stallworth’s previous success, and provides a refined experience that still feels inclusive and fun. 

Pickleball courts open daily at 9 a.m., and they can be reserved Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Other times are first come, first served unless you book a private event. Kitchen and cottage clubhouse open daily at 11 a.m. Visit to reserve a court.

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