At A Glance: Driving towards downtown on Northside Drive, it would be easy to miss the Springlake neighborhood. It’s non-descript streets across from the Bobby Jones Golf Course do not do justice to the community that thrives there. Narrow lots and close proximity ensure a tight-knit community that proudly call Springlake their home.

What We Love: The neighbors (primarily the little ones) are out and about as long as the sun shines in this community. Some residents enjoy sweeping golf course views of Bobby Jones Golf Course and new sidewalks now safely connect Springlake to Memorial Park.

What We Don’t: Some motorists see Springlake streets as a convenient cut-through between Howell Mill and Northside Drive. Residents are fighting back with monolithic speed humps.

Location: Springlake is sandwiched between two insterstate-connecting thoroughfares, Northside Drive and Howell Mill Rd. This gives you two fast options to get wherever you may be going. 

Real Estate: Springlake is primarily made up of renovated 1940’s cottages and new craftsman bungalows. Lot sizes tend to be about 1/3 of an acre and garages are somewhat rare. Prices start in the $400’s and very occasionally creep past the $1 Million mark.

Around the Block: Springlake Park is the neighborhood hub. Shaded sidewalks and playground is a welcome mat for families enjoying their (extended) backyard.