Standing Peachtree Park

At A Glance

At Standing Peachtree Park a sliver of grass runs down a path bordered by a wooded cliff and the banks of Peachtree creek. The path opens up to a small greenspace that extends to the edge of the Chattahoochee River. Tracks of deer and raccoons can be seen in the muddy path and a cacophony of birds sing in the trees above. The underbrush is overgrown and paths poorly defined along the sandy banks, but with careful footing one can reach the corner of the park where the Chattahoochee and Peachtree Creek meet. The site offers unique views of the Marietta Boulevard bridge to the south and an island in the middle of the river to the west.

Despite its appearance and odd size, Standing Peachtree Park is one of Buckhead’s most significant historical sites. In the rush of development of the area it is worth paying respect to what these places used to represent. Long before the first white man ever moved to Buckhead, this area was the home of a Creek village by the name of Standing Peachtree. There is some debate as to the origin of this name, but historians generally agree that the term was actually “pitch” tree which referred to pine trees that were used for their pitch, or sap. That initial tree for which all Peachtree streets and companies are named was located on this very spot and was a popular meeting location for Native Americans in the area.

Artifacts found on the site can be dated back to the Archaic period around 8000 BC, which goes to show just how historic this land truly is.

In the early 1800s the Chattahoochee river represented the division from the neighboring Cherokee nation. The Creek village which was situated at a high point near the mouth of Peachtree Creek offered vital trading opportunities between tribes and later with the colonies.


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Hiking trails, greenspace, Peachtree Creek and Chattahoochee River access

Nearby Neighborhoods

Nearby neighborhoods include Ridgewood Heights, Margaret Mitchell, Paces, Fernleaf, and Westover Plantation.


Standing Peachtree Park is located west of I-75 at the confluence of Peachtree Creek and the Chattahoochee River.

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