Goizueta Gardens at the Atlanta History Center

At A Glance

Tucked away in the middle of Buckhead is a sprawling 33-acre property known as the Atlanta History Center. Within its grounds you’ll find a museum, historic farmsteads and mansions that have been preserved since the 1800s, and the future home for the Cyclorama, all situated around a 25 foot deep quarry and connected via a series of woodland trails. The Buckhead branch of Peachtree creek runs along the southern side of the quarry and is rumored to be the location wherein an early settler to the area killed a buck and mounted its horns within a nearby tavern. The tavern came to be known as Buck’s Head, which later became the entire area’s name – Buckhead.

The quarry was mined for stone from around 1880 to 1920, after which it was mostly forgotten as the city grew nearby. Those years of neglect provided an excellent opportunity for the native species of plants and local animals to reclaim the space, and today it is one of the state’s most comprehensive collections of native plants from the 1800s. Known as the Quarry Garden, you can experience many different natural elements such as a meandering creek, marshland, stone outcroppings, lush ground cover, and even a series of small waterfalls, all under the cover of the impressively tall trees.

The Swan Woods Trail leads to the Wood Family Cabin. Don’t forget to check out the signage throughout the property as it has information about the history of the space, native plants, and wildlife. The Swan House is surrounded by beautifully manicured lawns and gardens


The Garden for Peace at the Atlanta History Center was designated on April 17, 1988 and was the first of an international network of gardens designed to promote peace. The area is centered around an art piece titled “The Peace Tree” by Soviet artist Georgi “Gia” Jazparidze.

Visitors can walk through the winding trails that link together historic settlements and modern amenities, including fine dining at the Swan Coach House Restaurant or casual eats at Souper Jenny, and complete your trip by exploring the multiple smartly-curated exhibition spaces inside the museum. Visit their website for more information including hours, current exhibitions, and to purchase tickets.

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Atlanta History Museum, Cyclorama building (coming soon!), Smith Family Farm & Gardens, McElreath Hall, Rhododendron Garden, Swan House and Swan House Gardens, the Swan Woods Trail, Swan Coach House Restaurant, Wood Family Cabin, and the Cherry Sims Garden.

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The Atlanta History Center is located at 130 West Paces Ferry Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305, and the Quarry Garden can be found directly behind the Museum.

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