Hurricane Irma Visits Buckhead, Updates And Photos Here

Buckhead was hit by the Eastern edge of tropical storm Irma beginning on Monday morning September 11th, the first tropical storm warning ever to be issued for our inland location. There was variation in the storms severity throughout Buckhead, but generally we saw 3.5 inches of rain Monday and maximum wind speeds of around 30 miles per hour that peaked at 3pm Monday. Although nothing like the devastation Irma brought to Florida and the Caribbean, Buckhead’s famous tree canopy suffered many casualties. As the trees came down, they took out power lines and blocked roads all across town. Fortunately, all schools, and many businesses were shut down and traffic on the streets was very light as residents hunkered down for the storm. Just North of Chastain Park in Sandy Springs there was one fatality when a tree fell through a home on Hardeman Road, killing the 55-year-old man inside.

This map from from Georgia Power shows numerous incidences throughout Buckhead that have caused power outages. The shaded areas indicate the areas with the most homes currently without power as of 6 am 9-12-17

As of 6 am on Tuesday, the wind and rain have subsided. Georgia Power was reporting 800,000 customers were without power across the state. In Buckhead, Georgia Power is reporting dozens of incidents that have cut power to many customers. In zip code 30327 there were 4321 homes without power, close to 40% of the total customers in this area. In Buckhead’s core, zip code 30305 has 4000 homes without power, or about 1/4 of the homes in the area.

Currently Georgia Power does not have an estimated timeline for restoration of power to their customers in Buckhead. However, as the sun rises on a new day and the winds and rain move on, things will be back to normal in Buckhead soon enough.

Photos and Video of Storm Damage in Buckhead From Irma

Timelapse video of Irma moving through Buckhead

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