$4 Million Buckhead Estate Sells Sight Unseen

One of Buckhead’s original estates, Knollwood, which is actually the namesake of the street which bears the same name, is located on Woodhaven Road across from the Governor’s Mansion in Buckhead’s Tuxedo Park.

When Ben Hirsh was hired to sell Knollwood he first dug deep into its history, going back more than 50 years and conducting interviews with prior owners who helped build a complete picture of the stories behind the historic home.

He also brought in home stagers, landscapers, and painters to bring the home to top condition. In late February 2020, after several months of preparation, the home was ready for its debut! But just two short weeks after the marketing launch, Coronavirus hit and changed the world as we know it.

“From the start, I knew Ben was different,” said Glenn Stewart, former owner of Knollwood. “I had previously had my home listed with another broker, and we did not get any results from a relatively passive approach. Ben has a proactive strategy. I had seen his success with Villa Juanita just on the other side of the Governor’s Mansion, and that’s what I wanted for my home.

“Since I no longer lived in Buckhead, Ben oversaw a revamp of the landscape and interior to make the home show better than it ever had before! As a result the marketing and images were world-class, and the floorplans and 3D model of the home made it possible for a buyer to tour the property from anywhere in the world.

“Most impressive of all was the presentation of my home on his website Buckhead.com. My home was not just on a pretty webpage hidden among the noise of the internet, it was right in front of the target audience.” 

As it turned out, the home did get in front of the right audience. During the depths of the coronavirus shutdown an anonymous buyer reached out to Ben through a financial advisor. 

“I could tell right away that this was a legitimate potential buyer,” said Hirsh. “It was clear from the detailed questions I was asked that the buyer had viewed the home using our 3D tour technology and had genuine interest. The problem was that the buyer was holed up on the other side of the country and did not want to risk traveling during the pandemic. I continued to follow up through the advisors. Eventually, the buyer made the decision to purchase the home and close on the sale without ever actually seeing the home in person.” 

According to the seller, it was a surprise to have the home sell during the pandemic. “When the world shut down just after we went to market with my home I figured that our odds of success in the short term were very low,” said Stewart. “125 days later, the home is sold and closed. I think this shows the value of preparation, paying attention to the details, and the importance of innovative and proactive marketing. I strongly recommend Ben Hirsh to anyone who has a home to sell in Buckhead.”

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