Manhattan-based hat maker B.M. Franklin & Co. is set to take over an 827-square foot vacant storefront between Hermès and Canali (256 Buckhead Ave. NE) in Buckhead Village District for a pop up shop this October. B.M. Franklin & Co. was founded in 2014 and offers unique hat design that fuses traditional crafting techniques with innovative and modern aesthetics. The shop will feature pre-made hats alongside custom designed pieces to suit each customer, and will also offer masks, repair services, and hat accessories like pins and feathers. Additionally, those interested in learning the craft will be able to book an experiential lesson in hat-making and meet one-on-one with an artisan to create a unique, custom hat.

Founder and Head Designer Brandon Franklin first developed a love for classic design when he was working at Ralph Lauren. He later studied at one of the oldest hat shops in New York City dating back to 1922 where he studied traditional techniques and how to use age-old tools in hat production. 

“Our mindset is not to reinvent the wheel or meddle with the craft, but to add individual expression through each piece,” says Franklin. “We pride ourselves on making heirlooms to pass down to the next generation, and we look forward to merging with the roots of Atlanta’s culture and crafting pieces that fit our clients’ unique personality and style.”