A SCAD Atlanta graduate has taken over an 827-square-foot storefront in the Buckhead Village District between Hermès and Canali. Skye Lin, an artist with a background in fine art, installations, and sculptures, has created an otherworldly experience in this cozy little storefront. She first started working with flowers during the 2020 shutdown when she began constructing floral arrangements in her home and gifting them to friends and neighbors.  

“Flowers are a really powerful material. In the chaos of the pandemic and during a time of separation, people need a way to connect with their loved ones,” said Lin. “By creating bouquets for neighbors and friends, I aim to bring life and joy through florals to peoples’ doorsteps. Perhaps, it is a project sprouted out of crisis.” 

The pop up, called Pinker Times, offers an immersive experience with artful floral displays and ephemeral soundscapes alongside arrangements and bouquets for sale. The flowers Lin uses are almost exclusively bought from local growers like Chattahoochee Queen and 3 Porch Farm. Over the course of two months the installation will continue to evolve as new flowers are brought in and Lin creates new works in the space.