A zoning exemption might spell trouble for residents near the intersection of West Paces Ferry Road and Northside Parkway. A standard billboard that sits atop the Village Vets building across from OK Café could be transformed into a 75’ tall two-sided digital billboard as part of a proposed deal with advertising companies and local developers.

The billboard update is part of a larger deal going by the name ‘The Grand Bargain,’ a rather grandiose moniker for a suggested compromise between the City of Atlanta, three Denton clients (Outfront Media, Greenstone Properties, and the Georgia Aquarium), and Clear Channel, a billboard company. In the proposal, legislation would allow for a new urban greenspace on 14th Street and establish an environmental demonstration project along Peachtree Creek at Cheshire Bridge Road in exchange for certain accommodations for billboards around the city. 

The 14th Street plans involve the implementation of a linear park at the site where Greenstone Properties will be constructing a Class A office space between Spring Street and Williams Street.

The Peachtree Creek project spearheaded by the Georgia Aquarium represents an attempt to clean up and establish environmentalist education opportunities at the site, including a litter trap to reduce trash flowing downstream, an outdoor nature center, riparian restoration, and connection to trails in the area. 

These proposed plans would be made possible by brokering a deal with advertising companies who would remove their billboards at the sites in exchange for updates and relocations. One such update would be the proposed 75’ digital billboard across from OK Cafe which has drawn ire and concern from local residents. 

The Pace Civic Association has scheduled a Zoom meeting to vote on the proposal tonight, Tuesday July 7th, at 7pm. For more information and to join the meeting, go to their NPUA page via the website.