Bright and loose or controlled and detailed, the works of Buckhead artist Michele Stancil span different mediums and showcase two distinct sides of her artistic passions. Originally from Athens, Georgia, Michele lives with her family in the Springlake neighborhood of Buckhead. Though she has always been artistic, she never pursued art specifically until she was in college at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at University of Georgia where she got her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art. 

After college, Michele began working at an art consulting firm and later the Georgia Museum of Art where she focused on PR. These experiences taught her a lot about the art world and how to succeed within it. “I learned the importance of professionalism, meeting deadlines and being detail-oriented regarding customer service,” said Michele, who prides herself on being accountable in an industry where that is not necessarily the norm. “I realized early on that dependable artists who regularly met deadlines and expectations were the most successful at selling their work.”

Michele’s portfolio is composed of two distinct types of paintings: large scale abstract paintings and smaller architectural watercolors. It’s unusual to see a successful artist working in such vastly different mediums, so I asked her which of the two she likes best. “Watercolor architectural renderings, or home portraits, will always be my first love,” explained Michele. She is inspired by the beautiful homes in her neighborhood and these portraits are often commissioned by her clients. “I have a passion for architecture and design and love nothing more than painting gorgeous homes.” These works are full of tight line work and realistic colors to evoke the beauty of the home in question, aiming to accurately portray the house in question. Completing these works requires a meticulous attention to detail and focused approach.

On the other hand, her abstracts are often painted on large, bright white canvases. “Abstract paintings are a wonderful change from the tight, detailed paintings of homes. The two are a great balance for me. I love both equally!” Though the compositions might at first glance appear random, she is actually very deliberate and intentional with her mark making when working in the abstract. She leans heavily on vibrant colors such as rich blues and magentas in contrasting shades. The bold shapes vary and many of her works are accented by eye-catching pops of gold that immediately grab one’s attention. 

“I am always working to find a balance between calm and structure,” said Michele as she contemplated her two chosen mediums. “The two, for me, in the right combination, can provide beauty, peace, and hope for the viewer.”

Michele exhibits her work at events such as the Trinity Artist Market as well as galleries such as the Jennifer Balcos Gallery in Buckhead and Marguerite’s on Dresden in Brookhaven. You can also view her work online on her website and Instagram