GreyOrange, a global robotic warehouse automation company, has set their sights on Buckhead for their United States headquarters. The company aims to integrate AI with warehouse processes in order to increase efficiency and decrease time spent sorting, gathering, and fulfilling orders. As technology continues to make online shopping easy and fast, customers have come to expect faster order fulfilment and shipping, and GreyOrange has developed a series of robots that accomplish just that.

The company offers a roomba-esque robot called Butler which is able to lift and relocate mobile storage units, bringing the products directly to an operator, and Butler PickPal, an automated robotic arm that can pick, process, and consolidate orders.

The Butler in its natural habitat

Warehouses around the world have benefited from this new technology, with an average decrease of 10-15% operating expenses and the ability to fulfill more orders in a shorter amount of time.

The Butler PickPal

The robots are powered by GreyMatter, a software platform that uses AI algorithms to optimize their paths as they zoom around the warehouse.

Founded in 2011, GreyOrange has offices in Singapore, India, Japan, and Germany, and now Buckhead. The headquarters will be at 3348 Peachtree Road with a staff of 50 employees. GreyOrange plans to deploy 740 robots in the Atlanta market, and estimates that over the course of the next three years they will manufacture an additional 20,000 robots in the United States.