We launched the Buckhead logo just a short time ago and it has been exciting to see the community embrace it. People love to display window stickers of the places they identify with on their cars (ever seen that blue/round “30A” sticker?). So we launched a free Buckhead sticker to promote pride in our community. While it has been fun to start seeing it around town on shop windows and cars, we got a real surprise this week from across the ocean.

It seems Buckhead is a community that is known and loved around the world! We got a note with the photo below from a fan in the English countryside who is now proudly sporting her Buckhead pride. We have had other requests from around the country, how exciting to see the Buckhead brand go global… In case you haven’t signed up for your free Buckhead window decal, here is your chance. Just scroll down and fill out the form!

Get yours today!